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Interior Decorating

JNB can professionally decorate or redecorate any interior space in your home, place of work or any other building. Our interior services cover everything you can imagine including all the following.

Interior Decorating
Interior Decorating
Interior Decorating


It's important that the preparation work is done properly because if that's not done correctly, you won't get the professional finish that we strive for at JNB. So we follow a simple process which we know works.

  • Clear The Room - It's up to you whether you do this or leave it to us. It's OK to leave some of the larger pieces of furniture in the room as well have enough space around it
  • Cover The Furniture - We will make sure you remaining furniture is covered with sheets to prevent is from damage
  • Wallpaper Stripping - If you have any old paper that needs to come down, we'll do that and take it away
  • Filling - There are always holes that need filling - unless you want any kept - so we'll do that and rub them down
  • Rubbing Down - We will rub down the whole area, walls and woodwork, so we are ready to give you the perfect finish
Interior Decorating

Painting & Decorating

Once the preparation is done, we can get to work on making the room look the way you want it to - more on paints.

  • Ceiling & Walls - Your choice of a variety of emulsions and a huge range of colours from our massive range of professional paints
  • Skirting, Dado & Picture Rails - You may want the shine that a gloss paint gives or something more subtle like an eggshell
  • Doors, Frames & Window Frames - Typically an eggshell paint looks good on doors and frames, but we will talk to you about this
  • Internal Cladding - If you have any Tongue & Groove or similar internal woodwork, you might want paint or a stain or varnish might work better

Estimates, Booking & Payments

JNB Decorating have always believed in doing things the right way and so we make sure that you are kept updated throughout the whole process. Here's what we do.

  • Visit Your Property - Once you have got in touch with us, we will arrange to come and see you at a time convenient to you
  • Measure Up - We'll take a look at the areas that you are looking at improving and measure up so we can give you an estimate
  • Discuss Your Options - We will discuss your paint and colours options with you as well as give you some advice as we have decorated hundreds of rooms
  • Written Estimate - Within a few days we will send you a written estimate which will let you know how much the work will cost
  • Book The Job - If you are happy with the estimate, we will get you booked in so you know when we will be coming to see you
  • One Week Before - As we approach your scheduled date, we will get in touch with you just to make sure everything is OK
  • Your Decorating - We will come and do the work; we will be smart, polite, punctual and tidy
  • Check You Are Happy - Before we leave we will make sure you are happy with the work that we have done
  • Your Invoice - After we have left and you are happy, we will send you an invoice along with our bank details to pay us by BACS